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“First Post”- Who I am!


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I decided to start a Blog on Holistic Beauty & Style- mainly Inner Beauty and how it affects confidence.

It started back in 2006, when I first opened “Flavher” Boutique, noticing that most clients needed much more than a handbag or a piece of jewelry; they needed confidence and uplifting. From that point on I studied the importance Inner Beauty  and  obtained a  genuine love for it. I found 4 important benefits of Inner Beauty:

  1. Inner beauty is longer lasting than Outer Beauty.

  2. Inner beauty helps you connect with people emotionally & positively.

  3. Inner beauty gives you inner peace.

  4. Inner beauty makes you a beautiful person.

As an only child growing up;  I lacked the knowledge of the importance of inner beauty and how it also affects character but I now know that the glow of confidence and sex appeal comes from within yourself.

As I continue on the journey  of Inner Beauty I also  encourage  women  to learn more and don’t allow anyone to hold the beautiful you back. If there is flaw; it’s OK; learn  to overcome it!

There’s a whole world waiting for beautiful people. It is said you’re beautiful when you: Know it! Own it! &  Feel it!